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CalculationWorks.BusinessModel Namespaces

The CalculationWorks.BusinessModel namespace provides access to classes that represent BCF. BCF lets you build smart object models that efficiently manage the most frequent challenges of smart object models:

  • Relational Object Model - BCF supports tables and relations.
  • Transaction Processing - Data updates on BCF models are executed transactional.
  • Undo and Redo - BCF comes with built-in undo/redo support.
  • Computed Properties/Columns - BCF supports custom functions. So the whole .net-world can be used to compute a value. BCF also supports custom validators. Use function like objects to compute data error info. A list of all active data error info is also maintained.
  • Change Notification - Get events when data is updated - also on computed properties and data errors.

CalculationWorks BCF Library provides types and base classes to create smart object models.


Behaviors and behavior items are additional objects for special model elements.

Behavior items can provide additional features to model elements. You can also create custom behavior items to add meta data or modify built-in behavior items overriding their methods. The behavior items can be added with BCF Editor or in code by updating your BcfDatasetSetup before passing it as BcfDataSet constructor parameter.

A behavior groups behavior items and make them accessible as properties.

Types using behaviors are:

The namespace CalculationWorks.BusinessModel.Behaviors.Diagnostics contains types related to diagnostics behavior see BcfDataSetDiagnostics

CalculationWorks.BusinessModel.Design provides types describing model setup.


CalculationWorks.BusinessModel.UndoRedo provides types related to Undo-Redo feature.