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BcfTransactionEnterDumbMode Method

Sets all computed cells and validations to 'must recompute' and disables the internal change tracking until next call of Compute (implicit by BeginSubTransaction or Commit) or Rollback. When DumbMode ends all computed cells and validations will be recomputed.

Very useful when loading data into an empty BcfDataSet.

Namespace: CalculationWorks.BusinessModel
Assembly: CalculationWorks.BusinessModel (in CalculationWorks.BusinessModel.dll) Version:
public virtual void EnterDumbMode()
InvalidOperationExceptionThe BcfTransaction is not the current transaction

dataset is locked; e.g. BcfDataSet is just switching the current transaction or is undoing/redoing.

do not call this method e.g. from inside BcfFunctionBase, BcfValidatorBase nor IBcfUndoRedoItem

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Supported in: 3.0, 2.1, 2.0
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