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BcfTableViewBase Properties

The BcfTableViewBase type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBcfRowViews
Gets the row views.
Public propertyCount
Gets the number of elements contained in the collection.
Public propertyIsDisposed
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is disposed.
Public propertyName
Gets when ViewType is ChildView the name of associated BcfRelation, otherwise the name of associated BcfTable
Public propertyParentRowView
returns the parent BcfRowView if this is a childview, else null.
Public propertyRelation
Gets the associated BcfRelation if this is a childview, else null.
Public propertyTable
Gets the associated BcfTable
Public propertyViewManager
Gets the BcfViewManager this BcfTableViewBase belongs to.
Public propertyViewType
Gets the type of the view.
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