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Loaded Assemblies Dialog

Shows details about loaded type assemblies.

Dialog Loaded Assemblies

To use data-, behavior item-, function- and validator types you have to add references to their libraries (dll/csproj/vbproj). The "BCF Editor Type Loader" loads the libraries in a sperate process and extracts type info via reflection. To obtain type info it is necessary to resolve all referenced assemblies of the libraries. Depending on reference kind all, public or required types info will be extracted.

Reference Kind

Load Level


Direct (referenced by BCF Editor)


Public and internal types are made available.

Indirect (a direct dependency of a library referenced by BCF Editor)


Public types are made available.

REMARK: In order to make types of an indirect referenced library available referencing it only is NOT SUFFICENT. At least one type of the library has to be used.

Indirect Indirect (an indirect dependency of a library referenced by BCF Editor)


Only required types (property types, base classes) are made available.

Type loader loads the libraries into reflection only context. So code in referenced assemblies will not be executed.