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Dependency Browser Dialog

Shows computed column and validator dependencies in a tree view.

Dialog Dependency Browser

Browse computed column and validator dependencies.

Node Types:




Function 8941


"Function" node is a child node of a column node. Node text is the functions type name. Child nodes (function parameters) can be column nodes or constant parameters (direct dependencies).

Event 594


"Triggers" node is a child node of a column node. Child nodes are all computed columns and validators with direct dependency to paraen column. ("Triggers" means: changing column value will trigger invalidation of direct dependent items.)

Dependancy 12861

Depends on

"Depends on" node is a child node of a column and validator node. Its child nodes are all (direct and indirect) dependencies (flatten hirarchy).

Parameter 8288

Parameter Column Association

Represents a parameter linked with a column via access path (see Access Path Browser Dialog).

Input Parameter 8288

Constant Parameter

Represents a parameter with constant value (see value in PARAMETER Properties).

Loop Green

Parameter Column with Self Reference

Parameter will contain the cells previous value.

Note Note

Useful when working with reference types like lists or arrays. When a function returns a value BCF checks if value equals previous value. If equals invalidating dependents will be omitted. Return previous value when value and previous value are the same (sequence equals). This may speed up calculation.

Status Annotations Information 16xMD color

Parameter Column Association with Runtime-Preventable Circular Reference

Possible circular reference at runtime.

When accessing parameters via self joins (relation where same table is at relations parent and child end) a circular reference may occur (e.g. A row is its own parent row and column "Height" is computed as sum of child rows "Height").

109 All Annotations Error 16x 16 72

Parameter Column Association with NOT Preventable Circular Reference at Runtime

A circular reference in dependencies (e.g. Column "A" depends on column "B" of same row and column "B" depends on column "A" of same row).